“Joy.” I love that word, and up until a year ago had never used it much, actually, never used it at all! Sure, I’d say I was happy, but I’ve realized that “joy” is that one word that surpasses it all! “Joy” is a combination of happiness, gratitude, and that incredible feeling of knowing that you’re blessed.

As life changed after breast cancer and throughout this past year, I found myself feeling more than happy. It was during a reiki session with my spiritual teacher, Bobbi Torres, that she asked me what I was feeling. In a split second I answered her: I’m feeling “joy!” I realized at that moment that a word that was so foreign to me suddenly felt like home.

I had gone from happy to joyful, and at that moment I suddenly understood what “tears of joy” was all about, because I certainly shed a million. I sat for hours before my book


Tears of joy as my dream had come true!

signing this past Saturday with tears flowing off and on. My nearest and dearest kept asking me why I would be crying on such an exciting and important day. My answer was simple: I’m crying because my dream came true, I’m crying over the immense amount of gratitude I’m feeling, I’m crying at how incredibly blessed I am, and I’m crying because I am feeling “joy!”

“Joy” is happiness, love, gratitude, blessings and peace all wrapped up in one, and my wish for all of you is to find your “joy” today! Embrace it, let it become part of you, share it with others, and let the “tears of joy” flow! It’s a great combo…why not try it? My guess is that you’ll realize that joy will feel like “home” to you as well.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~




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