“Biopsy Done!”

Even though it’s been a few years, I can still remember the day of my biopsy like it was yesterday. I guess that’s the funny thing about going through breast cancer, as much as you move forward once you’re past it, it still is part of you. No, it doesn’t define me, but it changed me and will always be a part of me. There were so many lessons to learn about myself, yet they all brought me to this place, this day, this point in my life…and I couldn’t be happier.

Yet, I still remember, and always will remember every detail of that journey with breast cancer; and I know it all happened to me for a reason.

“There it was on the screen, that damn tumor. I wanted to see this “thing” that invaded my body without my consent. It looked huge to me, yet they told me it was magnified on the screed. I watched as she inserted the needle in a few different positions, hearing the “click” of the instrument clipping pieces of my tumor. I heard about six clicks, and after that, I stopped counting…and I stopped listening.”

“I’m now wearing my old workout tank top to compress the area and the bandages are sticking out from the top, not a pretty sight and a bit scary for anyone seeing it. Colleen said we should take a picture together of this day; that I’m wearing my “badge of courage.” And we did. She dropped me off home, and as the lonely night wore on, the emotions started.”

~an excerpt from “Waking Up” copyright 2016

There’s a reason that everything, good or bad, happens to us…and with each new day I wake up to, I’m understanding the reasons even more.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

Biopsy Day


“Now What?”

I share my personal breast cancer journal in my book, “Waking Up.” It’s raw, it’s unedited…and it’s funny! I believe that no matter what life hands you, good or bad, that “first and foremost, find your funny!” 

Now I’m not saying cancer is funny, because the reality is: it’s not. Yet I found that the best way for me to go through that journey was to make the best of it, find the humor in the not-so-funny moments, and keep the best and most positive attitude I could. And yes, for me, it worked, and for that I’m grateful.

Yet when treatment is done, the port removed and your hair grown back, you think: “Now what?”

Here’s a small excerpt from my last journal entry:

“It’s all done. The journey is over. I’m sitting home now in awe of this ending, in complete gratitude to God and my Angels that I made it through, and that it’s all over. The cancer is gone and all the treatments done. Now what?”

“I know where my life with cancer took me; I’m excited to see where life without it will take me now!”

~Anne Dennish~ from “Waking Up”  copyright 2016Last Treatment


“The True Colors of Relationships”

-an excerpt from “Waking Up”  copyright 2016

“You feel a sadness when your world explodes; when everything and everyone you believed to be one way turns out to be something completely different. This realization rocks your world, breaks your heart, and dispels all truths you believed in the first place.”

We get upset when someone close to us shows us their true colors, yet what we need to understand is that they are the colors of who they were all along. Sometimes we make someone out to be all that we want, choosing to wear the rose colored glasses that guard us from the truth. It’s self-protection, yet in the end, the truth will always set you free, no matter what the situation. “Find your true colors and you’ll be able to see someone else’s as well.”

“Everything if forgivable, just not always repairable.”

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


“The Dreamers”

I’m a dreamer, and I make no apologies to anyone for being so. It’s the dreamers that make a difference; that take a chance; that believe that no matter what, they tried to catch a dream. A dreamer knows that if the dream doesn’t come to fruition as planned, something better will come along.

Some look down upon dreamers, believing that they have no idea what “reality” is.

“My opinion is that the “realists” are fearful of the “dreamers” simply because we dared to believe that there’s more to life than living in reality, that sometimes our dreams are the very thing we need to live in our reality.”  from “Waking Up”  2016

“A dreamer is a realist with faith.”

“The dreamers are our inspiration; they show us that they were once ordinary people, with lives similar to our own, that became extraordinary by simply taking a leap of faith of themselves and taking a risk. “

~An excerpt from “Waking Up” 2016 by Anne Dennish

Fits Like a Glove 1

“It’s time to make a difference!”


“Sorry only means something if you’re willing to change the behavior that made you say it in the first place.”

~Anne Dennish~

from “Waking Up” 2016


Welcome to the “Anne Dennish” website, a true work in progress! My newest book is about to be released soon, and is entitled “Waking Up…Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer.” It’s a book I’ve spent two years writing, and trust me when I say: this book had a mind of its’ own! It wasn’t about to get published until it was absolutely ready!

All of my stories about “life” are those I personally experienced, or ones that I may have observed through friends and family. I’ve taken all the sound advice given to me throughout the years from amazing spiritual teachers and written about what I’ve learned.

There are stories of divorce, relationships, friendships, grief, addiction, children, parenting, and so much more! I can almost guarantee that if you tell me a subject you’d like to read about, you’ll find it  in my book!

I’ve also enclosed my raw and unedited journal I kept throughout my adventures with breast cancer! I’m happy to say that I’m a two year survivor now, yet I thought it important to release the journal, along with my personal pictures taken throughout my journey with breast cancer. Some call it brave to put all that in a book; I call it taking an experience I went through and sharing it with others’ to help someone else.

“I don’t mind going through whatever life hands me, as long as I can learn from it and use the experience to help someone else.”

Welcome to the world of Anne Dennish! Thank you for visiting! Be sure to follow my website as well as “like” my Facebook page. I’ll be sharing excerpts from “Waking Up” as well as information on my upcoming book release/celebration/signing party!

“It’s time to make a difference!”

~Anne  Dennish~anne dennish