“Four Like-Minded People”

“The Universe is watching, that’s what brought me here.”

It’s amazing how one dream can multiply into many more, yet that’s what happened. The dream of writing a book to make a difference in someone’s life turned into much more; it turned into a collaboration of music as well.bn new poster

That’s why I believe that when you leave fear behind, believe in yourself and have faith, the Universe will bless you with more gifts than you could imagine…and unexpected ones at that!

This morning I sit thinking about last night. I met with Sutton Thomas, his wife, Lisa, and my love to discuss our upcoming Barnes & Noble event for this Saturday. We talked about fourthe line-up of songs that Sutton would sing, and what excerpts I would be reading from my book.

Yet as the evening of planning progressed, it became much more than the agenda for the event. I became aware of this amazing gift I was given, that we all were given last night: we were given the gift of four “like-minded” people sitting together around a table, and our thoughts were all the same: How do we reach people on Saturday? How do we get our message of hope and belief across to them? How do we let them know that we care, that we’ve been through similar experiences that they have, and more importantly, how to we let them know that they’re not alone, that we’re all in this journey of life together?

It was a powerful evening for me, and one which I woke up thinking about. And I’m grateful for “four like-minded” people who understand one another. It’s that gift that we all believe will make a difference to someone else, and ultimately, that is our goal: to soothe a soul, heal a heart, and let someone know that we understand.

As the lyrics in our song, “What Now” say: “I know where I’ve been, not where I’m going, but I’m dancing along.”

Open yourself up to the Universe, let your soul soar, leave the fear behind… take a leap of faith in yourself and what the Universe can bring to you… and dance along!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~





“Joy.” I love that word, and up until a year ago had never used it much, actually, never used it at all! Sure, I’d say I was happy, but I’ve realized that “joy” is that one word that surpasses it all! “Joy” is a combination of happiness, gratitude, and that incredible feeling of knowing that you’re blessed.

As life changed after breast cancer and throughout this past year, I found myself feeling more than happy. It was during a reiki session with my spiritual teacher, Bobbi Torres, that she asked me what I was feeling. In a split second I answered her: I’m feeling “joy!” I realized at that moment that a word that was so foreign to me suddenly felt like home.

I had gone from happy to joyful, and at that moment I suddenly understood what “tears of joy” was all about, because I certainly shed a million. I sat for hours before my book


Tears of joy as my dream had come true!

signing this past Saturday with tears flowing off and on. My nearest and dearest kept asking me why I would be crying on such an exciting and important day. My answer was simple: I’m crying because my dream came true, I’m crying over the immense amount of gratitude I’m feeling, I’m crying at how incredibly blessed I am, and I’m crying because I am feeling “joy!”

“Joy” is happiness, love, gratitude, blessings and peace all wrapped up in one, and my wish for all of you is to find your “joy” today! Embrace it, let it become part of you, share it with others, and let the “tears of joy” flow! It’s a great combo…why not try it? My guess is that you’ll realize that joy will feel like “home” to you as well.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~



“Dream Day”



It’s a big day today, and I’m filled with so many emotions! It’s the official launch and book signing of “Waking Up!” It’s also the first public appearance of “Anne Dennish.” So, how am I feeling? Excited, nervous, anxious, grateful and incredibly blessed. There are so many people that have made this book possible…there’s a piece of them in many of the stories I’ve written. If my life hadn’t changed as much as it has in the last several years, “Waking Up” would never have been written.

So this morning, as I get ready for the afternoon, I sit counting my blessings…and there are many!

I’ve been pursuing this dream for all my life, and the fact that it’s here is overwhelming! I never gave up on it, and while there were moments I wondered if it was worth it, or maybe it wasn’t meant to be, I still went for it.

I say to all of you today, dreams do come true. It may take years, but if you believe in it, and have faith in yourself, it’s absolutely possible!

“Dream big and make it happen!”

Well, Anne Dennish did just that… and today is my day!

I’ll be at BookTowne on Main Street in Manasquan, NJ today from 1 – 3. Stop by if you’re in the area…I’d love to meet you!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

Author of “Waking Up”  copyright 2016

dr seuss


“Imagine all the people…living life in peace.” ~John Lennon~

Smart man. “Peace” is such a simple concept, yet there are those that would rather live outside of peace, and inside of drama. I’m not one of them and never will be. I prefer “peace” and even though life throws me a curve ball once in awhile, I don’t view it as stress or drama…it’s simply “life.”

Some have asked me how I found peace in such a crazy world. My answer is simple: you find it within yourself. You walk away from people and situations that no longer serve your highest good; you wish them love and light, not anger and contempt. And then you drop it. Yes, you drop it and move forward. All negative emotions bring negative reactions, no matter what the situation is. And who wants that? Well, some do, and they are the ones that are battling themselves and their lives, not you.

Don’t engage in another person’s struggle or discontent; they have their own choice to change the life they’re living, and it’s not up to us to do it for them. We all have lessons to learn in this lifetime, and we are gifted the “free will” to do so.

Today I wish you peace, and I wish peace to those struggling within themselves. Embrace your life…and wish love and light to those who can’t.

Wishing you love, light, and peace!

~Anne Dennish~


“Choices and Chances”

There are those that think they don’t have a choice in life; that the life they’re living is because they “have to.” That’s simply not true because we all have a choice. We have a choice to move forward or stay stuck; we have a choice to say “yes” or say “no;” we have a choice to to be brave or be fearful. Life is filled with choices to make everyday, yet life doesn’t give you a choice; life gives you a chance to make the right choice! You can be whoever you want to be in life, and that’s not by chance, it’s by the incredible gift we’ve all been given: choice!

It’s our “choices” that give us our greatest “chances” in life!

Enjoy your gift of “choice” today… and every day thereafter!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

choice post



“Catching a Dream!”

It was a crazy day yesterday; one filled with cleaning, making Italian gravy, laundry and a million phone calls. Yet I knew what day it was from the moment I woke up: it was the day I was going to launch “Waking Up.” I knew it was published on February 25, 2016 and was making its’ way to Amazon and Barnes & Noble over the weekend, yet there were a few glitches that the publisher had to fix. I’ve been sitting on my hands from sharing this news, and only a few people knew at all, but yesterday was the day!

So, I created my life event and sent out my invites to my first book signing/launch/celebration party! The outpouring of “likes” and comments was overwhelming! I felt excitement and joy, but most of all, I felt blessed and grateful to have such an amazing support system! I have to pinch myself to believe that it’s all really happening; that a life I always wanted is here; that I found my niche; that I found my place.

“The reality is that I’m a writer for a reason; that writing is the gift I was given at birth and that this is my life purpose.”

It’s a good day when everything finally makes sense, and you can see why your life happened the way it did: it was to get you to where you are now. Dreams come true…I’m living proof that they do. Take a chance, take a risk, and show the world how big your brave is!

If you ask me where I am today in my life, this would be my answer:

“I’m exactly where I belong.”

Go out and be brave today! Catch a dream!

With love,

~Anne Dennish~waking up last page

“Waking Up” was published on February 25, 2016

You can find it on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and Xlibris.com

“The Loneliness of Cancer”

The most difficult part of writing and putting together my new book, “Waking Up,” was reading my breast cancer journal. As a survivor, we try and move forward, yet as I read each entry I remembered…and it was ironic how much I had forgotten. I had forgotten all those feelings and emotions; forgotten the details of every treatment and procedure; and I had forgotten that I even had it at all.

“I will say one thing about cancer, and I do know that every day you live with it, your thoughts can change. For today, I know it can be a very lonely place. Seems the people closest to you don’t know quite how to deal with it, so they get angry or they stay away from you. What they don’t understand is that by walking away, or treating you differently, is hurtful.”

“Their reaction to my cancer changes me because their anger and avoidance put me in the category of “the girl with the cancer.” I’m just “the girl who cancer has paid a visit to” and if all goes well, it will be a short visit.”

We don’t always know the right thing to say or do to someone with cancer, and even as a survivor, I don’t really know either. Yet I will say that the best you can do is be there for someone on the cancer journey; support and love them. The most important thing to do is to treat them as the same person you loved before the cancer, because cancer is not “who” they are, cancer is simply “what” they have.

~Anne Dennish~


“Biopsy Done!”

Even though it’s been a few years, I can still remember the day of my biopsy like it was yesterday. I guess that’s the funny thing about going through breast cancer, as much as you move forward once you’re past it, it still is part of you. No, it doesn’t define me, but it changed me and will always be a part of me. There were so many lessons to learn about myself, yet they all brought me to this place, this day, this point in my life…and I couldn’t be happier.

Yet, I still remember, and always will remember every detail of that journey with breast cancer; and I know it all happened to me for a reason.

“There it was on the screen, that damn tumor. I wanted to see this “thing” that invaded my body without my consent. It looked huge to me, yet they told me it was magnified on the screed. I watched as she inserted the needle in a few different positions, hearing the “click” of the instrument clipping pieces of my tumor. I heard about six clicks, and after that, I stopped counting…and I stopped listening.”

“I’m now wearing my old workout tank top to compress the area and the bandages are sticking out from the top, not a pretty sight and a bit scary for anyone seeing it. Colleen said we should take a picture together of this day; that I’m wearing my “badge of courage.” And we did. She dropped me off home, and as the lonely night wore on, the emotions started.”

~an excerpt from “Waking Up” copyright 2016

There’s a reason that everything, good or bad, happens to us…and with each new day I wake up to, I’m understanding the reasons even more.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

Biopsy Day

“Now What?”

I share my personal breast cancer journal in my book, “Waking Up.” It’s raw, it’s unedited…and it’s funny! I believe that no matter what life hands you, good or bad, that “first and foremost, find your funny!” 

Now I’m not saying cancer is funny, because the reality is: it’s not. Yet I found that the best way for me to go through that journey was to make the best of it, find the humor in the not-so-funny moments, and keep the best and most positive attitude I could. And yes, for me, it worked, and for that I’m grateful.

Yet when treatment is done, the port removed and your hair grown back, you think: “Now what?”

Here’s a small excerpt from my last journal entry:

“It’s all done. The journey is over. I’m sitting home now in awe of this ending, in complete gratitude to God and my Angels that I made it through, and that it’s all over. The cancer is gone and all the treatments done. Now what?”

“I know where my life with cancer took me; I’m excited to see where life without it will take me now!”

~Anne Dennish~ from “Waking Up”  copyright 2016Last Treatment



Welcome to the “Anne Dennish” website, a true work in progress! My newest book is about to be released soon, and is entitled “Waking Up…Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer.” It’s a book I’ve spent two years writing, and trust me when I say: this book had a mind of its’ own! It wasn’t about to get published until it was absolutely ready!

All of my stories about “life” are those I personally experienced, or ones that I may have observed through friends and family. I’ve taken all the sound advice given to me throughout the years from amazing spiritual teachers and written about what I’ve learned.

There are stories of divorce, relationships, friendships, grief, addiction, children, parenting, and so much more! I can almost guarantee that if you tell me a subject you’d like to read about, you’ll find it  in my book!

I’ve also enclosed my raw and unedited journal I kept throughout my adventures with breast cancer! I’m happy to say that I’m a two year survivor now, yet I thought it important to release the journal, along with my personal pictures taken throughout my journey with breast cancer. Some call it brave to put all that in a book; I call it taking an experience I went through and sharing it with others’ to help someone else.

“I don’t mind going through whatever life hands me, as long as I can learn from it and use the experience to help someone else.”

Welcome to the world of Anne Dennish! Thank you for visiting! Be sure to follow my website as well as “like” my Facebook page. I’ll be sharing excerpts from “Waking Up” as well as information on my upcoming book release/celebration/signing party!

“It’s time to make a difference!”

~Anne  Dennish~anne dennish