“Ride The Wave!”

Life is like an ocean, and we’re continually riding the waves of it. Sometimes it’s calm, and sometimes it’s rough, yet we have a choice to ride it the best we can. And with that ride, all things are possible, and we all have the ability to “rock the world!”

What wave are you riding today? Are you on calm seas or 16 foot waves? No matter what it is, I have faith in you…you can do it! Life isn’t always easy, or “smooth sailing,” yet you’ll be all the stronger and smarter once you get through it all.

Embrace the waves you’re riding, because they’ve been gifted to you with the ability to ride them in the best possible way! It’s your choice! Now go out there today and “rock the world!”

ride the wave

Wishing you love and light, and calm seas ahead!

~Anne Dennish~

Author of “Waking Up: Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer”

copyright 2016


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