About the Author

I live at the Jersey Shore and have found my greatest inspiration for writing at the waters’ edge. I’m a single mom, writer, published author, journalist for Wall Stadium Speedway, songwriter, radio talk show host, and a breast cancer survivor, mentoring other women and their families battling this disease. I’m also one of the biggest dreamer’s you’ll ever meet, and my mantra is: “Dream big and make it happen!” Anything and everything is possible if you have faith in yourself and in your dream.

My hope for my  book, “Waking Up: Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer,” is to touch others through my writing, in which I share the most intimate and personal details of my life. You can also read my private journal of my adventure with breast cancer! You’ll find even more inspiration and motivation to live your best life in my book, “My Collective Soul: Things I Know Without Knowing Why,” and in my newest book, “Each Breath Along The Journey.”

“I can accept whatever life hands me, as long as I learn something from it and can do something positive with it for someone else. It’s time to make a difference and we can make that difference together!”

With love,

~Anne Dennish~

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Photo by Tim McGeough of EVNFLO Photograph @2017