Welcome to the “Anne Dennish” website, a true work in progress! My newest book is about to be released soon, and is entitled “Waking Up…Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer.” It’s a book I’ve spent two years writing, and trust me when I say: this book had a mind of its’ own! It wasn’t about to get published until it was absolutely ready!

All of my stories about “life” are those I personally experienced, or ones that I may have observed through friends and family. I’ve taken all the sound advice given to me throughout the years from amazing spiritual teachers and written about what I’ve learned.

There are stories of divorce, relationships, friendships, grief, addiction, children, parenting, and so much more! I can almost guarantee that if you tell me a subject you’d like to read about, you’ll find it  in my book!

I’ve also enclosed my raw and unedited journal I kept throughout my adventures with breast cancer! I’m happy to say that I’m a two year survivor now, yet I thought it important to release the journal, along with my personal pictures taken throughout my journey with breast cancer. Some call it brave to put all that in a book; I call it taking an experience I went through and sharing it with others’ to help someone else.

“I don’t mind going through whatever life hands me, as long as I can learn from it and use the experience to help someone else.”

Welcome to the world of Anne Dennish! Thank you for visiting! Be sure to follow my website as well as “like” my Facebook page. I’ll be sharing excerpts from “Waking Up” as well as information on my upcoming book release/celebration/signing party!

“It’s time to make a difference!”

~Anne  Dennish~anne dennish




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