“A Broken Heart”

“A broken heart is proof that it still works.” ~Anne Dennish~

Ah, the broken heart…we’ve all had one at one time or another in our life, and it’s never easy to get through.

But you can get through…if you choose to.

Life is what happens when we’re not paying attention, and what that means is that we’ve recite-1rs96tblost sight of the blessings in our life, and in some way, taken them for granted, always believing that if they’re there in the first place, they’ll never be taken away. And that’s how a broken heart happens: we weren’t paying attention.

Broken hearts are our greatest teachers, yet there’s a few things you have to understand to realize that.

Let’s be honest, broken hearts happen because of “love.” They happen when something suddenly rocks our world, and what we believed to be true suddenly looks very different….but maybe it isn’t different. Maybe it’s the same as it always was; we just didn’t take the time to see it.

We’re all human and we all make mistakes, but if you want to start to heal a broken heart you must throw away the “list of wrongs” and write the “list of rights.” Sure, when you’re heart is broken you feel betrayed, angry, hurt, even confrontational; all valid feelings yet negative emotions only bring negative reactions. So, when the the dust settles from these emotions, and you can put them aside, the real healing begins.

“Forgiving” is the hardest thing in the world to do; “loving” is the easiest. Yet, by forgiving, we release our anger and negativity; it doesn’t excuse someone’s behavior, but it allows us to move forward with clear eyes and an open heart.

My worst broken heart was my greatest teacher; I could sit here and go on and on that he treated me badly, hurt my feelings, disrespected me, and so on and so forth. And I used to wonder why someone could treat me badly, or break my heart; I didn’t feel like I deserved it. But here’s the truth:

I didn’t deserve it; I allowed it.

Hearts are broken from miscommunication, biting our tongue and not standing in our truth. I learned that the hard way; I should have used my voice, stood in my truth, and set clear boundaries of what I would allow and what I wouldn’t.

I know to do that now.

Time-to-change-myBroken hearts happen for many reasons, yet when you can put the hurt and blame aside, that’s when the reality comes in and the healing can start. When you take your own accountability in the brokenness, you heal, you become stronger, and you learn something about yourself…and with that, you’re given the gift of changing yourself.

I can promise you that your broken heart will mend; and it will mend stronger…but you have to do the work and LET IT!

“Broken hearts are the reality of what we lost sight of.” ~Anne Dennish~

Life as we know it can change with a broken heart, but why not let it change for the better? Look at the positive in a hurtful situation; something wasn’t working, the Universe whacked you with a 2×4 to wake you up, and now you’ve been given a chance to learn and change.

I believe that there’s always something good to be found in the storm; it will take time to see, but it’s there. The choice to see it is up to you. And sometimes, just sometimes, maybe it’s the “storm before the calm.”

Life’s an adventure with ups and downs; how you handle it and move forward is your gift of choice…choose wisely!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~



“The Right Love”

As I sit here this morning watching the sun rise, I’m filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. How did I get here? When did this all happen? Questions flowing through my mind, yet deep inside, I know the answer: I got here when I loved myself the way I wanted to be loved, and it happened on a snowy night last February. It happened when I met Rob.

We were two broken souls who found one another. Both of us believe that the ones’ we loved most that passed away conspired to get us together…and I believe that’s true. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was love. And how do I know this? Because out of our relationship came some amazing things!

Perhaps the key to knowing the “right love” is paying attention to what your life together becomes and what it has brought you. Through our love he’s found a job he loves and strained relationships he had in the past became a smooth ride. I found more stories to write for “Waking Up” and found myself part of a family that I would have never imagined I’d be part of.

I found a close friendship with the mother of his children, one that isn’t built on his prior relationship with her, but on “our” relationship as two women who love and respect oneliz and i 1 another. I found myself part of her family as well, and while most think that’s crazy, I think it’s beautiful…and so does he. I found love in his children and in the laughter and love of his granddaughter, and he found that in mine.

The “right love” taught us who the right people were to have in our life; it also taught us who the wrong ones were. It taught us that we had settled for less than we deserved before we met. And it taught us that with the “right love,” miracles happen; amazing adventures become a reality; and that true love really does exist.

“The right person doesn’t want something FROM you; the right person wants everything FOR you!”

After all these years, I truly understand what love is, and I found it for the first and last time in my life. I found it on that snowy night over a year ago, and with each day that passes, I sit in gratitude of what this love has brought into our lives and the lives of those around us.

“It’s funny that the moment you stop looking for something is the very moment you find it.”

Believe in love and believe in yourself. If you can do this, the rest will fall into place…it always does!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~




“Biopsy Done!”

Even though it’s been a few years, I can still remember the day of my biopsy like it was yesterday. I guess that’s the funny thing about going through breast cancer, as much as you move forward once you’re past it, it still is part of you. No, it doesn’t define me, but it changed me and will always be a part of me. There were so many lessons to learn about myself, yet they all brought me to this place, this day, this point in my life…and I couldn’t be happier.

Yet, I still remember, and always will remember every detail of that journey with breast cancer; and I know it all happened to me for a reason.

“There it was on the screen, that damn tumor. I wanted to see this “thing” that invaded my body without my consent. It looked huge to me, yet they told me it was magnified on the screed. I watched as she inserted the needle in a few different positions, hearing the “click” of the instrument clipping pieces of my tumor. I heard about six clicks, and after that, I stopped counting…and I stopped listening.”

“I’m now wearing my old workout tank top to compress the area and the bandages are sticking out from the top, not a pretty sight and a bit scary for anyone seeing it. Colleen said we should take a picture together of this day; that I’m wearing my “badge of courage.” And we did. She dropped me off home, and as the lonely night wore on, the emotions started.”

~an excerpt from “Waking Up” copyright 2016

There’s a reason that everything, good or bad, happens to us…and with each new day I wake up to, I’m understanding the reasons even more.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

Biopsy Day


“Sorry only means something if you’re willing to change the behavior that made you say it in the first place.”

~Anne Dennish~

from “Waking Up” 2016


Welcome to the “Anne Dennish” website, a true work in progress! My newest book is about to be released soon, and is entitled “Waking Up…Lessons Learned Through My Adventures With Life and Breast Cancer.” It’s a book I’ve spent two years writing, and trust me when I say: this book had a mind of its’ own! It wasn’t about to get published until it was absolutely ready!

All of my stories about “life” are those I personally experienced, or ones that I may have observed through friends and family. I’ve taken all the sound advice given to me throughout the years from amazing spiritual teachers and written about what I’ve learned.

There are stories of divorce, relationships, friendships, grief, addiction, children, parenting, and so much more! I can almost guarantee that if you tell me a subject you’d like to read about, you’ll find it  in my book!

I’ve also enclosed my raw and unedited journal I kept throughout my adventures with breast cancer! I’m happy to say that I’m a two year survivor now, yet I thought it important to release the journal, along with my personal pictures taken throughout my journey with breast cancer. Some call it brave to put all that in a book; I call it taking an experience I went through and sharing it with others’ to help someone else.

“I don’t mind going through whatever life hands me, as long as I can learn from it and use the experience to help someone else.”

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“It’s time to make a difference!”

~Anne  Dennish~anne dennish