“Mother’s Day”

When I think of Mother’s Day, I don’t think of it as a day for me to be honored or celebrated… I think of it as a day to thank my children for coming into my life and allowing me to be a mother. 373875_197902680304731_100002550010781_399695_369887769_n (1)

Five beautiful souls passed through me  and into this life we share together. Five sweet babies picked a day of their own to begin their life. And with each new life, my life changed.

My first child was born on Mother’s Day, and to say that my life changed that day is an understatement! That day changed me from being “just me” to becoming a mother, a role that was both exciting and terrifying.DSCN2070

There’s a story in my new book called “A Letter To My Children” and in it I described the  moment they were born:

“Life changed from the exact moment that you took your first breath, and with that breath, I held mine. I held my breath out of excitement of a new baby  placed in my arms, and out of fear as to all the responsibilities that were now a part of my life, from that day forward. “

I think we’re always holding our breath a little, hoping that we raise them right, praying that they’ll be safe, having faith that they’ll make the right choices. My children are older now, and three of my five babies have moved out of the nest, and two moved across the country.

Do I hold my breath more? Sometimes, yet my heart knows that I’ve taught them all I could, shared my experiences with them, and was the best mom I knew how to be.And you know what? The breathing is easier and the love remains the same. Now the breathing is one of excitement in waiting for the call from them to hear about their life and the new and exciting things they want to share with me.

Today I sit with a smile and contentment over being a mother, a role that I was blessed to Ruthless Peoplebe gifted. There are no perfect mothers and there are no perfect children, yet what we are is “perfect together” and mother and child. After all…

“It’s not their job to love us; it’s our job to love them.”

And I would say that knowing they do love us is perfection in itself!

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

~Anne Dennish~


“My crazy tribe…but they’re all mine!”


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