“These Three Things”

It was during this last month of quarantine that I learned that three important components are absolutely necessary to survive being “SAFE at home.” They are patience, tolerance and forgiveness, and most often, in that order. 

You need to have patience with the people you live with, the people you deal with and with yourself. Every one of us will have a day of feeling stressed and anxious, and every one of us will take that out on someone else who had nothing to do with it. Therein lies the patience. Be patient in knowing that all of us are experiencing this in different ways and act out in different ways. Be patient with others and be patient with yourself while you’re trying to be patient with them!

You need to try to have some amount of tolerance of the behavior of others in order to have the patience you need to tolerate their moments of lashing out. That’s not to say that you have to be a doormat and the recipient of someone else’s anxiety or stress. It just means that on those occasions (and I hope they are few!) that someone takes out their mood on you, be tolerant and be patient with them.

And most importantly, you need to practice forgiveness. You need to forgive the people that you had to be patient and tolerant with, and you need to forgive yourself for the days that you couldn’t be.

These are difficult times we’re living in and I truly believe that patience, tolerance and forgiveness are a must. Under normal circumstances we may not have to practice tolerance of “not so good” behavior as much, but right now we do, as long as it’s not on a daily basis and not bordering on abusive. 

I know that we’re all trying to get through this as best we can and some days are just too much to handle, but we need to remember to not only be patient, tolerant and forgiving of others, but of ourselves as well. 

If you can practice these three things, toss in a large dose of kindness for others and yourself as well, you will find “safety AND serenity” at home. 

Hang in there…you’re doing just fine!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~




3 thoughts on ““These Three Things”

  1. Hi Anne,

    Hope you are hanging in there. I am kind of taking a different approach to this, I am living my life which means to work everyday and doing the things I want or need to do. Obviously I try not to cough on people and give them their distance, but the greater problem to me is not the virus, it is the fear I see in people. I have a hard time sympathizing with that fear. Call me a skeptic, but I am not going to stop living for what is appears to be a bad virus. I do not trust what I hear in the news as they warn everyone of 2 millions casualties and a couple weeks later it is 60,000. They need 30,000 ventilators and then use less than what they had originally. It scares me that people have chosen to give up a lot of freedom based on a highly pessimistic assessment of a situation. I do feel for those who are sick and who die of this virus, but it is not the end of the earth. It bothers me more than a few politicians have elected themselves king and chosen to try to stop people from living their lives. I am feeling pretty confined but trying to do the things that I would like to do to help others and to make things better. Reminds me of the Buffalo Springsten? song which stated “paranoia it strikes deep, into your heart it will creep. It starts when your always afraid, step out of line the man comes and takes you away”. I fear more the loss of people’s freedom that the virus. And hey if it gets me it gets me and that is okay too.

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to vent. Hope you, Rob and the kids are doing well. I wanted to call everyone and have them come over on Wednesday night but alas Karen is afraid of that too. Grmph!



    On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 10:15 AM Anne Dennish – Writer/Author wrote:

    > Anne Dennish posted: “It was during this last month of quarantine that I > learned that three important components are absolutely necessary to survive > being “SAFE at home.” They are patience, tolerance and forgiveness, and > most often, in that order. You need to have patience w” >


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