“Now What?”

I share my personal breast cancer journal in my book, “Waking Up.” It’s raw, it’s unedited…and it’s funny! I believe that no matter what life hands you, good or bad, that “first and foremost, find your funny!” 

Now I’m not saying cancer is funny, because the reality is: it’s not. Yet I found that the best way for me to go through that journey was to make the best of it, find the humor in the not-so-funny moments, and keep the best and most positive attitude I could. And yes, for me, it worked, and for that I’m grateful.

Yet when treatment is done, the port removed and your hair grown back, you think: “Now what?”

Here’s a small excerpt from my last journal entry:

“It’s all done. The journey is over. I’m sitting home now in awe of this ending, in complete gratitude to God and my Angels that I made it through, and that it’s all over. The cancer is gone and all the treatments done. Now what?”

“I know where my life with cancer took me; I’m excited to see where life without it will take me now!”

~Anne Dennish~ from “Waking Up”  copyright 2016Last Treatment



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