“The Loss Of A Dream’

There’s a moment in my life that I will never forget. I was in my attorney’s office years ago going through my divorce. I was emotional and told her that it was so sad to me that the marriage was ending. What she said to me has stayed in my mind ever since:

“Yes, the marriage is ending, but you’re grieving the loss of a dream.”

And that was the best explanation I’ve ever heard… because she was right.

Every loss in life is a “grief of the loss of a dream.”

It could be the loss of the dream of losing someone we thought would be in our life forever, of losing a pet, of losing the job we love, of losing something important to us on our “bucket list.”

We all have dreams.

And when those dreams don’t come true we have to grieve the loss of them.

But please remember this: there WILL be dreams that come true.

I promise.

And it’s a good thing.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


“Now What?”

I share my personal breast cancer journal in my book, “Waking Up.” It’s raw, it’s unedited…and it’s funny! I believe that no matter what life hands you, good or bad, that “first and foremost, find your funny!” 

Now I’m not saying cancer is funny, because the reality is: it’s not. Yet I found that the best way for me to go through that journey was to make the best of it, find the humor in the not-so-funny moments, and keep the best and most positive attitude I could. And yes, for me, it worked, and for that I’m grateful.

Yet when treatment is done, the port removed and your hair grown back, you think: “Now what?”

Here’s a small excerpt from my last journal entry:

“It’s all done. The journey is over. I’m sitting home now in awe of this ending, in complete gratitude to God and my Angels that I made it through, and that it’s all over. The cancer is gone and all the treatments done. Now what?”

“I know where my life with cancer took me; I’m excited to see where life without it will take me now!”

~Anne Dennish~ from “Waking Up”  copyright 2016Last Treatment