“I’m Having a Girl Moment”

Sometimes it’s tough being a “girl.” Whether you’re a young girl or older one, we still have those moments in which even WE’RE surprised at our reactions to certain situations. I consider myself to be a strong woman, yet I’ll admit, there are times that the strength goes out the window and my “girl” moment comes flying in. It could be about feeling jealous, a comment that hurt my feelings, or because I was simply tired of being so strong.The truth is, sometimes I want my very own “girl moment!”

The moments aren’t always received well by the person on the other end, which sadly, is usually a man! Yet, as women, we need to embrace our “girl” moments, and honor the “girl” within us!

“You need to balance the strong woman with the girl tucked deep inside from another time in your life. Accept her, embrace her, and love her, because it was that “girl” that was instrumental in making you the strong woman you are today.”

“Love her insecurities, her tears, her fears and be grateful for the lessons that all of that taught you. She was there when you needed to find the strength in your time of weakness. She let you cry silently to yourself when you were hurt, and let you feel afraid when the darkness overshadowed the light. She grew up and along side of you, and the woman you are now is the woman that is ever changing to become the woman you long to be.”

Be proud of the strong woman you are, because that strength will help you through the rough roads of your life journey, yet take the time to be gentle with that “girl” inside of you; she’s the reason your became the woman you are.

Love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

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