“The Magic Carpet Ride!”

I was speaking to a good friend of mine yesterday and she said that she thought that my life was “a magic carpet ride.” And how right she is! So many amazing things have happened since my novel came out but it’s so much more…

Life is a “magic carpet ride” if we want it to be. So often we think that our lives are just living one day to the next but that’s not true. YOU have a life that is so much more! Each and every one of us has a life worthy of a “magic carpet ride.” Change your perspective on the mundane and look at the amazing. Look at how awesome your life truly is. Find at least one thing each day that is worthy of “a magic carpet ride!”

I don’t believe that any life is mundane or boring, that’s what we tell ourselves. Look deeper, look harder and truly see the magic that every day has to bring to you. Open your heart, open your eyes and open your minds! Look past the daily grind.

See your life as “an amazing carpet ride!” 

Because it is.

And it is because you’re here to live it, see it, and feel it.

Try it! It’s worth the effort and it feels amazing!

Enjoy the ride on “your magic carpet!”

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


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