“Life Is A Series Of Choices”

Sometimes we keep going over and over in our heads about what went wrong and how did we get to where we are now. Last night I had this very conversation and I said that there’s no use in wondering about how we got here but there is use in deciding where we go from here. I’m really starting to feel more comfortable with this adventure I’m on. I feel as though my mind is thinking more clearly than it has in months and that I have more answers than I have questions. I feel like I’m breathing for the first time in a long time.

I realized that I was living “in” a life, rather than “living life.” There’s a difference. We find ourselves living in a life that we’re comfortable with yet I’ve since learned that we all deserve so much more. We deserve to be “living a life” that we want, that brings us joy and that we’re grateful for. People lose sight of all those good things when they’re just going through the motions of “living in a life.” It happens when we become comfortable and take things for granted.

I’m not wondering anymore about how I got here, I’m focused on where I go from here. I know for sure that I want to live life to its fullest, embracing each and every day, surrounding myself with people who lift me up rather than those that bring me down, and move forward without fear, but with faith that everything will be okay. I’m learning that what happened last week has no place in what’s happening this week. I’m learning that there are some things in life I will never understand. And I’m learning that the more I select my thoughts into being positive ones, the better I feel.

I was in a state of complete joy last night over my oldest getting engaged and I loved that feeling. And I reminded myself yet again that I am in control of how I feel.

Life is a series of choices and each of us are in control of our own.

Just my thoughts for today.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


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