“Don’t Lose Yourself”

We’re never too old to learn something about ourselves and during this past week I learned something so valuable about myself that is life changing and will definitely help me in living my best life even more.

I always talk about “fear,” and that nothing good can come from it. I talk about standing in your truth and using your voice in a kind, respectful way to express it. I talk about how to understand any fear you may be facing and how to get past it.

Yet during this last week I realized that I had been carrying a “fear” which I wasn’t even aware of. Sometimes a situation happens in your life that brings a life lesson to you, that gives you an opportunity to see something in yourself that you hadn’t been able to see before.

I see it now and I want to share it with all of you.

I love and value the people in my life and I would never want to lose them, and that’s a human and normal way to feel. Yet I also realized that in not wanting to lose them I’ve become “fearful” of losing them. I finally saw that I wasn’t standing in my truth as much as I should have or saying what I needed to say to them because I didn’t want to anger or hurt them because if I did that, they’d leave my life. And that is so not the way to be with anyone in your life: friend, family member, partner or spouse. I realized that this was a fear that should never have been part of who I am because in the end, anyone who would leave my life because of who I am and what I say didn’t really value me at all. And that is the truth. And it’s my truth now. And I’m working on releasing that fear that was buried within me for much of my life.

We’re all humans who, at times, don’t even understand why we act the way we do or feel the way we do, yet once we address these underlying issues of our own and understand the “why” behind them, we release them…and we grow into our best sense of self. And we begin the journey of healing, of recovery and the road to truly “living our best life.”

“Don’t be afraid of losing someone by standing in your truth. Be afraid of losing yourself if you don’t.” AD

It’s a good thing.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


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