“A Song For My Children”

It’s a snowy day here at the Jersey Shore and as I sit here watching the strong winds blowing the snow sideways I find myself thinking of my children.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic in remembering five young kids growing up together in a big house with their mommy and daddy. And I’m feeling a bit sad that as the years marched on, the house would be gone and so was the family that they once knew. I’m sitting here and wondering how all those tumultuous years affected them. They all have such different personalities and what bothers one doesn’t bother the others.

I’ve watched them grow up and move on and can see where some resentment still lies in the minds of my two oldest, the ones’ who remember the most. I also believe that the changes in our lives were meant to happen; the changes may have been difficult at the time, yet they allowed us all to find a new, more peaceful life.  At least that’s what I hope and what I believe.

Life and the experiences, good and bad, that come with it are lessons for each one of us. Even at my age I’m still learning and growing and I can see that my children are as well. They’re learning to handle their own difficulties and solve their own problems. They’re learning, and at times the hard way, that it is their choice to be happy and grateful for each day of their life or to sit in discontent and lay blame on everyone else. They’re learning to take accountability for their life and their behavior.

I’ve tried to teach them to believe that “while life isn’t perfect, it’s perfect for them.” I’ve tried to be an example of strength and the power of positive thinking; of being grateful for everything that life hands you; and that every new day is a chance to do it better than the day before.

I wrote a story in my book, “Waking Up” called “A Letter to My Children” and it’s just that…a letter written to them from a mother’s perspective, yet it could also be from a father’s perspective as well. For anyone that’s raised a child, or loved a child as their own, the story is for you, as well as this song I wrote: “Dear Children.” I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


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