“Your Life Matters”

It’s a quiet Monday here in Southwest Florida. I’m sitting on my lanai enjoying a balmy, but cool breeze along with a glass of wine. As I sit here I can’t help but think of the last few days and where I am today.

Last week I was doing the final edits on my new novel, “The Mind of a Heart,” then  approving the manuscript and cover. In less than 3 days the process was done and now I wait until it’s ready to be released to the public for purchase.

My heart is full. It’s full of love, gratitude and belief that with hard work a dream can turn into a reality. This novel is truly my baby and today I’m excited that she’s been born and is getting ready to meet the world.

I wrote this novel many years ago and it wasn’t until over a year ago that I decided to rewrite it and bring it to life. Some things take time in life and this book was one of them. It wasn’t meant to be published years ago, it was meant to be published now.

This afternoon I was  in awe of what I accomplished last week and sat staring at this beautiful book that I wrote. “She” waited a long time to come to life and there she is, a life of her own, one that I hope that you’ll love as much as I loved writing it. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my life it’s this: You don’t need to write a novel, have a successful business or make a million dollars. 

Your life is a spectacular gift that you were given, no matter what it hands you or where it takes you.

Your life is important, your life matters and your life makes this world a better place.

And this I know to be true because your life is important to me.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


“The Mind Of a heart” coming soon!

I am so excited and grateful to announce that my new novel, “The Mind of a Heart” is in the publication process and will be released soon! I’m also incredibly grateful to my very dear friend, Bill Scannell, for designing the cover for this book! He had the vision of this cover long before I did and am so thankful for his talent, hard work and dedication to my book!

Here’s a look at what the book is about:

~ “The Mind Of A Heart” is the story of a married woman who finds herself back in touch with her old high school sweetheart. After several months of emailing each other they meet in person and their love affair begins. 

As the affair continues, she can’t help but remember the memories of the innocence of two 17 year olds falling in love at the Jersey Shore and planning a future together.

When her husband loses his job and is hired by another company, she becomes entangled in a web of lies and deceit because her husband’s new boss is her high school sweetheart.

A life that she simply “existed” in was about to change and it was about to change forever .~

Thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout my writing career and I hope that you will enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I will let you know when the official launch date is!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

“Best Day Ever!”

I think I’ve had the best day that I’ve had in quite some time, at least as a writer, that is! I finally finished the edits on my new novel, “The Mind of a Heart.” This sweet story of mine has been on hold for quite some time and I sat for hours today to finish the last pieces of it and I couldn’t be more excited. 

 There have been a few roadblocks along my way of publishing this book. I had my move to Delaware, then to Florida followed by Hurricane Ian, along with a few minor illnesses along the way, but as I always say and believe, “everything happens as it should, when it should and how it should.”

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey as “The Mind of A Heart” gets ready to turn into a reality!

Dreams do come true with patience, faith and in believing that they will.

I had all three today.

Wishing you love and light,

Anne Dennish

“Are You Still dreaming?

Are you still dreaming? Do you allow yourself to have those days of sitting alone, letting your mind wander and thinking of how different you’d like your life to be?

Dreams are important. YOUR dreams are important because I believe that dreams can come true. 

Don’t ever stop dreaming, no matter what your life is like right now. Dreams give us hope, they give us strength to turn them into a reality, and they allow us to find the faith we need to believe that they come true.

Tonight is a full moon. It’s a time for new beginnings, letting go of what doesn’t serve you and for putting your dreams out there, far into the Universe!

Sit under the full moon tonight and send your dreams out there, as far as you can throw them.

They will be noticed. They will be heard. They will be possible.

Believe and be grateful for it all.

I believe in you and I believe in your dreams.

Trust, have faith, and keep dreaming.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

I Don’t Need Easy, Just “Not So Hard”

I don’t need easy, I just need “not so hard.”

Have you ever felt that way? I know that I have. I get tired of the obstacles that I have to get around, the hurdles that I have to jump over and the situations that I have to deal with. Life hands us some crazy situations yet I’m not alone on this one. I know that you’ve felt the same way once or twice in your life as well.

Moving to Florida was a difficult transition for me, even though I made the move for the right reasons: to be closer to my parents. It’s been almost 7 months and I still feel as though I’m searching for that feeling of “home.” There are days that I miss my Jersey Shore, the surf, the sand and the ocean. I miss my friends back home and I miss Asbury Park.

But this is where I live now. 

And I’m trying to make it “home.”

Life has been a bit tougher than I thought it would be but I’m plugging away at it, trying to find my balance and trying to get my “groove” back. I’m trying to find my place and where I fit in. It’s a process and I’m willing to do what it takes to get to that “happy place.”

Today I had a day in which I thought to myself “I don’t need easy, I just need not so hard.” And I’m okay with that. It’s just for today, not forever, and for each day that I open my eyes to face another day in my life, I’m grateful

Life has never been easy for me, but that’s what makes me “me.” It’s what made me into the person that I am today, the one trying to make others feel better, to feel less alone, and to try and change this crazy world into a better place.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, for following me, and for your beautiful words of encouragement.

We’re all in this together and together we can make a difference.

You’ve got this and I have to believe that I do, too!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

“My Plate is full”

You know that old saying: “I’ve got a lot on my plate?” I know it all too well. There are days I feel as though my whole life has been one full plate after another. It’s frustrating but as I believe, the Universe is trying to teach me something about myself.

I feel as though it asks me: “Why do you have so much on your plate? What choices did you make that piled your plate with things you didn’t want? Why aren’t you clearing your plate?”

Smart questions that force you to face difficult answers. And the only answer is this: “You allowed it.”

Today I sit with a plate that feels as though it’s overflowing and I’m trying to figure out how to clear it. 

Have you ever felt that way? Have you wondered why life is handing you one difficult situation after another? 

If you have, then the only answer is to look within yourself and at the choices you have made. Did those choices fill your plate? Are your actions bringing you one difficult situation after another?

The only answer I have is to stay calm and stay positive. Think about all those things on your plate and scrape off the situations that aren’t yours. After that take a look at what’s left and come up with a plan to scrape off the rest.

Life isn’t always easy and solving our own “full plates” can be difficult, but I promise you this, it’s worth your time to clear it.

Here’s to “full plates becoming empty.” Here’s to seeing the positive in what seems so negative at this moment. 

And here’s to you. 

You got this, and so do I!

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


“Dreamers are the ones who can change the world.”

I’m a dreamer and I’ll never stop trying to make this world a better place. Dreamers have an idea, a belief that enables them to do what it takes to change the life of another or the world itself.

Dreamers believe that they can make a difference. Dreamers have an idea that they believe can take shape in this world. Dreamers have a gift, a strength that will enable them to do whatever it takes to put it into place.

Dreamers are realists with faith that everything is possible.

I’m a dreamer and I believe that everything is possible, even when it seems like it isn’t.

Dreamers are realists with faith.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

“The Right Person”

Sometimes all it takes is one person to help you find the inspiration and motivation that you’re looking for. And I had just that experience during my crazy week!

Every so often a follower reaches out to me to chat. I met this amazing young woman a few years ago by phone. She’s a young, sweet, and inspiring person and I was extremely grateful that she reached out to me last week. Here I am, the positive writer, the “love and light girl” getting some much needed help out of my own funk from this girl. 

We spoke for quite some time and I listened to her adventures, hearing the excitement and love of her life in her voice. She was excited! She was driven and focused! She was and is brave! She took a leap of faith and changed her direction, moving all the way to the desert in Mexico. I could feel her happiness and her excitement.

I told her that I was feeling out of balance living here and about leaving my job. She reminded me that perhaps this was a push for me to finish my new book, that perhaps that will turn out to be my big adventure when it’s published.

And she was so right.

When we hung up the phone I felt so much better, more motivated and definitely inspired by her adventure. Thank you, Ania, for supporting me all these years and for helping me remember what I’m here for.

Sometimes it takes one person to inspire and motivate you.

Sometimes it takes one person to help you see the light.

Sometimes people drop into our life for a reason.

And she was definitely the reason that day.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~

“Feeling Uncomfortable”

I’m no stranger to feeling “uncomfortable,” especially in the last nine months. I was uncomfortable leaving my job at the Jersey Shore and moving to Delaware for the summer. After that I was uncomfortable when I left Delaware to move to Florida by myself. And now I find myself uncomfortable again. I left the job that I had here for the last two months. It was a difficult decision but one that was right for me. The job took a toll on my body and even more on me mentally. Within two months I was spent. My body was tired and my mind was exhausted. I miss the girls I worked with and the customers that brightened my day each morning, but being treated unfairly just wasn’t working for me anymore. 

I cannot put myself in a position to feel taken advantage of and to be treated disrespectfully. No one should. And I had had enough.

It was a rough few days last week coming off of that job but I managed to put myself in 100% self care mode, allowing myself the time I needed to get over the negative feelings from the job. It took a bit of time but I kept telling myself: “Go easy on yourself. You did the right thing for YOU!”

I believe that when YOU close a door that needs to be closed, the Universe will open many more. 

I have a few people in my life that feel like I made the wrong decision and have continually brought it up to me all week.  Sometimes people who are unhappy in their own lives take it out on those that have a life or mindset that they want, but don’t have. I understand that people project their unhappiness onto others and it’s hard for someone like me to keep remembering that, but I am, with the help of a few good people that support me with lots of love. They are the ones I need to keep close.

None of us should feel bad about making a decision that is in our best interest and we have to stay strong to those that try to make us feel that way.

No matter what you or I are going through, we have to believe in ourselves and our ability to do what’s best for us. Forget the opinions of anyone else.

I believe in you.

And I want you to believe in yourself.

And together we can.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


We’re all looking for love and I believe in love. I am a hopeless romantic and believe that love can be all that we dream of, all that we hope for, all that we wish for. When it’s with the right person, it’s amazing.

What is love to me? Love is wanting someone so much that it hurts when you’re not together. Love is sharing your most intimate wishes and dreams. Love is being able to be vulnerable to express your feelings without judgment. Love is disagreements without hurtful arguing. Love is 100% honesty, no matter what. Love is respect. Love is knowing who the other person is and never hurting them for being who they are. Love is joy, love is happiness, love is everything.

Love isn’t complicated, it’s people who make it that way.

Love doesn’t always have to be easy, but it should never be hard.

Love shouldn’t take work, but it should take effort.

No matter how many failed relationships I’ve had or how many people have hurt me, I will always believe in love.

I have to believe in it because without that belief, there’s no hope in thinking that it’s possible.

Everything is based on love.

Love is the basis of all things.

Love can change a life, change a person and could most definitely change the world.

What is love to you?

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~