“Anger Is A Waste Of Precious Time”

If there’s one thing I truly believe in is that you can’t get back time. You can’t get wasted time back or the time that you spend angry at someone and ignoring them. It’s gone. For good.

And you’ll never be able to get it back.

And is it worth it?

Think of how much you missed by being angry. 

Think of how many memories you didn’t make because you were angry.

Think of how many conversations you didn’t have because you were angry.

You forgive someone so that YOU’RE not angry. Anger is a terrible waste of your time and your life.

And unless someone hurt you intentionally, forgive them, too. 

Each day that you wake up is a gift and one that shouldn’t be wasted or taken for granted.

Anger is a waste of time.

It’s a waste of precious time.

And that’s time you don’t get back.

Is it worth it?

The choice is yours.

Let it go.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~