“As My Piano Gently Weeps”

It’s funny how some of the things we keep mean so much to us because of so many sweet memories. I feel as though I’ve gotten rid of so many things over the years that have meant so much to me because I simply had no room for them where I lived or the kids didn’t want them. It breaks my heart and today I lost another “something” that meant so much to me for so many reasons.

Growing up I had always wanted a piano. My parents didn’t have the means to get me one but that didn’t stop me from wanting one. My great aunt had one and used to let me go into her house to play it. It was her piano that I taught myself to play on and I loved every moment that I could steal away from my cousins and siblings to play it. It was from then on that I always wanted a piano.

When my daughter was about 5 years old I bought her one. She took lessons for years and when she wasn’t playing it I would play it every chance I could. I remember all the siblings after her sitting there as toddlers hitting the keys, thinking that they were “playing the piano.”

So many memories, so many pictures of that sweet piano.

It’s been at my parents house for the last few years because the place where I was living simply didn’t have enough room. Now that my parents are moving I was faced with a choice of selling it, putting it into storage or giving it away. 

I thought about it all night and decided that it was time to let her go. And I did. She was sold this afternoon and will be going to her new home this weekend.

My heart is broken.

Yet I keep reminding myself that it’s just a “thing,” and the memories and pictures of it will remain for a lifetime. Yes, I’ll miss sitting down and playing it at my parents house but life is always changing. And here I am faced with another change and losing something else that meant so much to me.

I know that there’s so many  more important things going on in the world today that this may seem trivial and unimportant. Maybe it is but while I try to help the world be a better place, I had my own moment of losing something that I loved.

Maybe it is unimportant in the grand scheme of things but it was important to me.

And I’m grateful that I had it in the first place.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


18 thoughts on ““As My Piano Gently Weeps”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! And you do make a lot of people’s lives better with your writings, prayers, thoughts and actions! As to the parents moving though wait till they tell you how badly you need that set of World Book Encyclopedias that they paid a bunch of money for a long long time ago. I suggest holding up your phone and letting them know that its all in there!!!! My God has the world changed!!!!

    Hope you have a great day and you will as long as your keep in mind the things you are grateful for!


    On Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 5:45 PM Anne Dennish – Writer/Author wrote:

    > Anne Dennish posted: ” It’s funny how some of the things we keep mean so > much to us because of so many sweet memories. I feel as though I’ve gotten > rid of so many things over the years that have meant so much to me because > I simply had no room for them where I lived or the kid” >


    • Thank you so much! Trying to make the day the best I can…and you’re right, so much going on in the world and in my life but that which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger! Have an awesome day!


  2. Hi Nancy,

    So sorry to know you are headed off to Deleware. I can see how that will be bittersweet for you. But hey it is a new life and you can make it any way you want!!!!

    Will continue to follow your face book posts and as always I will be reading your books and praying that you keep writing them. After all, that is who you are. Happy for your new life, but sad to see ya leave the shore!!!



  3. Hey you are still a Jersey girl in our hearts and minds. Best of luck in Delaware and know we are all still hear to back you up. Besides we will still be stalking you on face book!!!!



  4. Hi Nancy,

    Sounds like you are settling in okay in Delaware. Hurts to leave your home, but it is only a house. Home is where your heart is!!!!!

    Of course I grew up in Lakewood and my house is probably now a three story two family castle! Oh well, gott make room for progress!!!!

    Hope you are doing well



  5. Hi Nancy,

    Read your post this morning and it brought me back to some of the moves I have made in the past. It is always tough when you go to a new place. Things and customs are different, people are strangers, and your routine isn’t established yet so you have a lot of time to sit back and question the move. Besides you don’t run into friends at the grocery store or out having dinner, etc. which is always a good thing.

    You have started with the solution though, start your writing, it is what you were made for!!!! Looks like you have a few places you can go for walks to see the sunset and the beauty of the earth, revel in those things. Look forward to your book coming out and by the way let me know where I can purchase a copy of my favorite author!!!

    From the movie “City Slickers” your life right now is a do over! You can make it anything you want and while there will be times when you doubt yourself and your move, know that you have made the right decision for your and that you have a lot of people who love you and are behind you wishing for the best. You get to make a whole new life, make it a master piece! I know you can do it!!!!



    • Thank you so much! Just what I needed to hear! Funny that you should mention “routine,” because I’m actually writing about that very subject this morning. It is hard being in another state and you’re right, I miss the familiar faces back home but I’m doing the best that I can to find my balance here. There’s another big move coming for me soon in September! I’ll be writing about that soon as well. Be well and if you and Karen ever want to take the ferry over for lunch on the Delaware side, just let me know!


  6. Sure miss your posts. Hope you and Rob are doing ok. We actually were down at Rehobeth Beach with the kids for a family vacation. I like seeing the dolphins in the morning!



      • When we got back Ron said you guys were that close, but hey we were gone by then! And of course there is that thing about when cute little 2 year old Teagan comes running at you with both arms raised and wanting poppy to pick her up, your world melts and you pick her up!!!!

        When is the book going to be published?


        On Tue, Sep 6, 2022 at 5:13 PM Anne Dennish – Writer/Author < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:

        Anne Dennish commented: “I’ll be back to writing soon! Wish you had let me > know! We’re only 10 minutes from Rehobeth! Hope you’re doing well and we’ll > have to catch up soon! ” >


      • So glad that you made it out okay. Those storms can sure take their toll. Are you in Punta Gorda?

        My parent’s house which they sold about 6 years ago is in Port Charlotee on St. James St. just one house south of Olean which goes out to the hospitals. My sister said that she saw nearby pictures and that the area was crushed. But hope all made it out well. Also hope you left some rain in those clouds as I plan to re seed my lawn tomorrow and we will be getting the remnants of the storm!!!!! LOL

        You and Rob be safe and I hope that your place didn’t get hit.

        XO Bob


      • Just got my internet back today! Yes, I’m in Punta Gorda! I grabbed my parents and headed to my brothers on the East Coast to evacuate from the storm. We stayed there 3 nights and I was a wreck wondering if my house and theirs was ok. We came back home on Friday after the storm and both of our homes suffered the most minimal of damage. I had no power but it was restored on the next day! Thank God! Internet took longer but I’m so grateful to have it back and get back to writing! Need to get that steamy chick novel out on the market! There is a lot of devastation to be seen and it breaks my heart. I was only here 11 days when Ian hit! I’m okay and trying to adjust to a whole new life here in SWF. The weather is beautiful and I’m finally up to see the sunrises. Let’s chat by phone soon!


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