“The Godfather”

Today I remembering my friend, and someone who became family to me, Tom Contreras. It’s his birthday and even though he’s passed on there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him, laugh at the memories, and feel his love. Happy Birthday, Tommy…hope you’re feeling the love from down here! Love you always and forever!

Anne Dennish - Writer/Author

I lost someone very special to me a year ago today. He was an amazing man and while I wasn’t in his life for very long, he made an impact on mine to last a lifetime. Tom Contreras was “the godfather” to me and always wanted me to write about him. This is my story about him…

It’s not very often in this lifetime that you meet someone who makes an impact on your life, yet I met such a man who left this world too soon on a Saturday night late in December after a night spent with family and friends.  He’s my love’s cousin, Tommy Contreras, and he became one of my closest friends ever since I was introduced to him. I touched base with him by phone daily, and my love and I would “conference” call him together a few nights a week, and believe me, those…

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