“This Too Shall Pass”

“High risk.”

That’s what the cancer institute told me yesterday when they called to reschedule my six month check-up for this morning. They didn’t want anyone coming there unless it was for treatment. Yes, I’m six years clear of cancer but I also take a medication once a day which keeps it gone, and because chemo stays in your body for years and because of the medication I take, I’m high risk.

I asked them what I should do. They said to stay out of crowds and not to be anywhere with more than 15 people there.They said to wear a mask and to follow the protocol of hand washing and be careful to stay clear of crowds and sick people.

So, what does that mean to me? Am I scared? 


I’m not scared.

Everyone has a different opinion on this virus and I respect them all, but my feeling is that the governments across the world are simply trying to prevent the virus from spreading to more people than those who already have it.

I don’t think we’ll all be living a different lifestyle forever, just for now. The focus is on COVID-19 but the same protocol goes for any virus or flu. Maybe it’s blown out of proportion, maybe it’s not, but it is what it is. All the lock downs and shutdowns of public events are for a reason: to prevent the virus from spreading.

I’m not scared, but am concerned. I’ll be taking my precautions as the oncologist has told me and will look at this as positively as I can. It’s a time to be home with my family, a time to write and declutter my home, and a time to reflect on the many things we take for granted that can now be appreciated.

I know that “this too shall pass” and until it does I’m going to make the best of it.

And I hope you will, too.

Be well, stay healthy, and wash your hands every chance you get!

And let’s keep each other in our thoughts and prayers.

It’s a good thing.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~





“The Dreamers”

I’m a dreamer, and I make no apologies to anyone for being so. It’s the dreamers that make a difference; that take a chance; that believe that no matter what, they tried to catch a dream. A dreamer knows that if the dream doesn’t come to fruition as planned, something better will come along.

Some look down upon dreamers, believing that they have no idea what “reality” is.

“My opinion is that the “realists” are fearful of the “dreamers” simply because we dared to believe that there’s more to life than living in reality, that sometimes our dreams are the very thing we need to live in our reality.”  from “Waking Up”  2016

“A dreamer is a realist with faith.”

“The dreamers are our inspiration; they show us that they were once ordinary people, with lives similar to our own, that became extraordinary by simply taking a leap of faith of themselves and taking a risk. “

~An excerpt from “Waking Up” 2016 by Anne Dennish

Fits Like a Glove 1

“It’s time to make a difference!”