“Snow Weekend!”

I have to say that The Blizzard of 2022 here at the Jersey Shore was something to see! Drifts of over 5 feet, white out conditions due to hurricane force winds, and almost 2 feet of snow! I was going to make it a “snow day” but decided that after working on my novel so much for the last few weeks I’d make it a “snow weekend!” I did get some editing done but decided to cook some comfort food, watch a series on Netflix and relax!

And it was wonderful!

There’s something about knowing that you can’t go out, that the roads aren’t plowed enough to drive, and that there’s so much snow piled on and around your car that you can’t even begin to shovel.

I think it’s the Universe’s way of giving us a day off in which we don’t feel guilty about watching television or reading a good book or a day of doing nothing if that’s what we choose.

It’s a “guilt free” day knowing that you have to stay home. The choices of what we do with a “snow day or weekend” are all ours and it’s nice to enjoy them without the guilt of thinking of all the things we should be doing!

I loved my “snow weekend” and am so grateful to have had two days with no guilt and no pressure! It was two days of a bit of writing, a lot of cooking and one filled with much peace and serenity.

I think that we should all have a “guilt free” day every so often!

Why wait for a snow day?

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~


“On Finding Joy In The Simple Things”

It’s a cloudy, dreary Sunday here at the Jersey Shore and it’s the perfect day to make some gravy (or sauce) with sausage and meatballs. I gathered all of my ingredients early this morning, chopped some garlic, made my meatballs and sausage and turned on the soundtrack from the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun.” Life is good.

Cooking gravy (or sauce) is very therapeutic for me. It’s the process of putting the perfect combination of spices together, the constant stirring and taste testing to get it just right.

While I find this therapeutic, I realized that this brings me “joy,” and as I wrote years ago: “Joy is the elevated state of happiness.” Such a simple task of cooking yet one that truly brings me joy. 

So here I am today working on writing my next book and stirring my gravy (sauce) every so often. It’s the perfect combination of two things that bring me great joy.

What brings you joy? 

I find that sometimes it’s the simplest and smallest of things that bring us the most joy.

My wish for you is that you find joy in your life.

I often find it in mine.

Wishing you love and light,

~Anne Dennish~